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2020 Personal Project – The Celebrate Fatherhood Project

In 2019, we successfully completed the Timeless Portrait Celebration Book Series I – The Celebrate Motherhood Project. A beautiful and inspiring book was published in December 2019 with 52 mothers and their children’ participations.

This year I am going to conduct Timeless Portrait Celebration Book Series 2 – The Celebrate Fatherhood Project. You will be qualified to participate in this project if:

· You are a father, a grandfather or an adult child.

· You have a strong desire to have beautiful studio portraits taken with your precious children or grandchildren. Or as an adult child, have portraits taken with your own father.

· You would be willing to write a letter to your children/or father and to publicly share it and define what Fatherhood means to you.

· If you have overcome major obstacles in your fatherhood journey and your stories are inspiring, I would especially love to hear from you!

By participating in the project,

· You will have the privilege to be included in a published inspiring book with your fatherhood story and portraits in it

·You will receive a $450 studio credit for your participation in this project.

· You will enjoy a complimentary and customized portrait session with your children in my portrait studio located in Littleton

Please fill in the form below to apply.

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