Jiang Photography

Jiang Photography is a boutique portrait studio. We celebrate your life, love and family by creating timeless, emotionally rich, and investment worthy fine art portraits.

Our portrait studio specializes in Black and White Relationship Portraits and Classic Wall Art. For families with younger children, the Black and White Relationship Portraits will be a great option. The dress code is casual, which allows us to capture the intimacy between children and parents, and the fleeting moments of your children’s babyhood and childhood.

The classic wall art are formal studio portraits, which are designed to capture the beauty and elegance of your family members. The finished products are handmade, museum-quality canvases. They will be the most precious personalized fine art for your home. Each museum quality piece is unique and handmade. What we are creating together is a luxurious piece of high quality wall art for your home. I invite you to my studio to create your new family heirloom with me. Here’s a behind the scenes look into how our handmade canvases are made!


Inteiror. Sofa between the columns in white room

“When Grace looks at you, she looks straight into your eyes and into your heart. And that’s what happens when you look at the photo Jiang took of Grace. You can feel Grace’s love in your heart when you look at her photo. ⁣

The first time I looked at Grace’s portrait, it brought tears to my eyes. Primarily because I could feel the connection with Grace and her soul. Her eyes looked straight into my heart, and I could feel her great love. ⁣

I wanted to invest in a piece of wall art because I want everyone to feel the essence of Grace and the love she shares. I have no doubt Grace’s presence will be felt by everyone who looks at her portrait.” ⁣

--Katy McQuaid, Award-Winning Author, Presenter and Leadership Consultant ⁣


OMIGOSH! I can't say enough good things about the photography talents of the lovely Jiang Photography. She captured me and my pups perfectly! I am so happy with how they turned out! Check out her Instagram and Facebook page, I highly recommend her...


"I scheduled family portraits with Jiang and I could not be more pleased with the experience and the photos! Jiang was not only sweet and accommodating, but also very patient with my 6-month old baby. She let us take as many breaks as needed! I was stressed about how to pose for photos but Jiang took the guesswork out of everything and was able to direct us and helped everything feel really natural. The experience itself was amazing and the photographs turned out even better! They are scattered around my house and bring me such joy every time I see them. I cannot recommend Jiang enough! "